IAMCP Prometheus Awards July 2019

Each year the IAMCP provides an opportunity for Partners to recognize the Microsoft staff that work with them through this awards program. Partners have an opportunity to vote for their preferred member of staff. The awards are made because the recipients have provided an outstanding level of service to the Partner and will have shown exceptional commitment in supporting the Partners that they work with.

Because of their dedication and service to Microsoft Partners, the IAMCP believes that they are deserving of an Award; this is an important way to recognize the people that make a real impact on Partner businesses. As part of our annual Awards efforts both at Microsoft Inspire and locally in Partner Summits, we work to recognize those who go the extra mile at every interaction with Partners.

IAMCP have created a process that establishes specific rules for nomination, voting and execution of the IAMCP Prometheus Awards. These awards will be granted by the IAMCP (Association the International of Channel Partners of Microsoft) to Microsoft employees worthy of such merit. The awards will be allocated by sub regions as detailed below.

The Prometheus Awards are presented annually to provide high-profile recognition of the top 5 representative regions. One award will be given in each of these 5 geographical areas.

Prometheus Award winners may be recognized in Las Vegas during the Inspire event:

Participating Regions 2019:

Nomination Process

Each of the 5 regions will be responsible for nominating candidates for the International Committee’s review. The nominations process has the following stages:

  • Candidate Nominations by IAMCP Chapters
  • Selection of Regional Nominees
  • International Committee Review and Selection
  • Notification of Winners

Candidate Nominations by IAMCP Chapters: According to the opinion of the partners (taken on the basis of the voting) candidates will have achieved some excellent standards of work with their Partners, having obtained satisfaction and fulfillment of objective. Any IAMCP member may nominate a Microsoft employee for a Prometheus award.

  • Chapter Presidents are responsible for notifying chapter members that the nominations period is open
  • The President of each chapter will have to inform all the members of the IAMCP of this process of nomination. Any member of the IAMCP can propose candidates for the awards. To be able to propose candidates, they will need to observe the following rules:
    • The nomination may not be conditional on obtaining specific benefits, either for the company or person nominating the candidate. No monetary or other incentive is to be made to the person nominating a candidate.
    • Each chapter/country will forward nominations to the Regional contact
    • All candidates must be serving as a Microsoft Full time employee

Selection of Regional Nominees Each region has to have at least 25% of voting members participating to be consider running for this Award. The Board of each region will decide which candidate is the one that is most deserving of the award and suitable to receive the award. Once selected, the individual in charge of each region will have to advice such selection of candidate to the International Board of the IAMCP.

International Committee Review and Selection

  • The International Committee will review nominees forwarded from the regions
  • The International Committee will select one (1) recipient from each of region, it should be the one that Regional Board chooses or if the International Board decides it may be another one from the 3 candidates according the results of the survey and the criteria of the jury. It is important and recommends that the jury can talk with some Microsoft representatives from each region to validate some information from the nominees.

Notification of Winners

  • The member of the international Board of the IAMCP in charge to carry out this process will remain in constant contact with the assigned people at Microsoft for this task to be completed and in order to notify them about the process and the winners.
  • An award ceremony will be planned during Inspire in July in Las Vegas.


A Winning “Prometheus” candidate will demonstrate the following:


  • Manages the appropriate number of skilled partners for the local market
  • Participates in a sufficient number/quality of partner planning discussions in any one year
  • Balances Microsoft requests for information from partners with commensurate value in return
  • Organizes and facilitates executive meetings between partners and Microsoft
  • Understands Partners’ business needs and priorities
  • Clearly communicates the gives/gets of the Microsoft/Partner relationship
  • Advocates for Partners within Microsoft / Acts as a positive Representative of the Microsoft ecosystem / Remains professional under difficult circumstances


  • Proactively shares information and facilitates early access to reliable information
  • Fosters partners learning opportunities such as training/certification


  • Gives partner visibility to customers through broad customer awareness and/or 1:1 connections
  • Helps partners grow their revenue or become more efficient
  • Funds the appropriate number and type of partner activities
  • Assists in closing sales opportunities with partners / Accompany partner visits with customers
  • Removes barriers to partner sales


May 24th: Chapter nomination period is open
June 5th: Final call for nominations
June 11th: Nominations close
June 12-15th: Judging period. International Prometheus Awards Committee decisions
June 15th: Award-winners notified. Also notification of winner to MS local, regional and WW.
June 15th: Runner ups notified by IAMCP in conjunction with Microsoft – Press release activities
June 17th Formal invites to award ceremony at Microsoft Inspire – Awards ordered –
Press release activities (every two weeks from now to Microsoft Inspire) 
July 16, 2019: Awards event at Microsoft Inspire